Welcome to, webhome of Suzanne Britton. Hosted here are the following:

A nature photography gallery. Photos are released under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license, and many are available as computer wallpapers. On the accompanying blog Home For A Day, you can read the stories behind the pictures.

The Scrabble® Challenge: an online duplicate Scrabble® game.

Worlds Apart: an interactive science fiction novel.

My Quest For The Perfect Window Manager: A history in screenshots.

Several open source Linux/Gtk+ applications: GtkLife, a Conway's Life implementation, and Wordplay, an anagramming game.

Several old Java applets: a Turing Machine simulator and a bifurcation demo. Be warned these programs were written many years ago and may not work with recent versions of Java. I've left them up (along with their public-domain source code) since I continue to get requests for them.

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